Main Bedroom

We’ve made a lot of tweaks to this room over the past two years and I’m really happy with the space right now. We recently added a new bed I love (more on this soon!). While our old bed frame was beautiful, the material was too delicate for our energetic family members—two kids and two dogs. We also found antique nightstands and an antique dresser that are so much more functional than our previous furniture pieces, especially in terms of storage. I also moved my closet downstairs recently, which made more space for Joe’s clothing. We’ve reached a sweet spot in terms of design and functionality in this room.


Heated Floors

This is not a sexy update but it’s something I’m so glad we did. Adding heating underneath our floors had been recommended to me a lot. While I was initially nervous about the cost it could add to our heating bill, it’s been so wonderful. It made a huge positive impact on our comfort at home this winter. (Our SunTouch heated floors were gifted as part of a previous partnership, but their inclusion in this roundup was 100% my decision.)

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