Is there anything that pairs ease and elegance together more perfectly than clafoutis? The simple baked French dessert is a beautiful way to highlight the fruits of the season—and when it comes to this Plum Lavender Clafoutis, that includes the flowers of the season as well.

This summer dessert comes from the creative mind of Cassie Winslow. Her cookbook, Floral Provisions: 45+ Sweet and Savory Recipes, is a testament to the artistry that’s alive in the practice of cooking with flowers. Its pages contain no shortage of ideas for sweets, treats, and pantry staples, but among my favorites is this step up to the humble clafoutis. The lavender and Rose Salt whisked into the batter give it all a light, floral touch, and it’s a reminder that there’s endless brilliance to be found in baking. Below, Cassie shares a bit of insight into the magic of this summer dessert.

“The end result is so delicious and pretty, and it’s the perfect way to use up any leftover fruit, especially in the middle of summer. And pairing lavender with stone fruit? A match made in heaven.”

Scroll on for Cassie’s Delicious Plum Lavender Clafoutis

Reprinted from Floral Provisions: 45+ Sweet and Savory Recipes by Cassie Winslow with permission from Chronicle Books, 2022. Photographs © Naomi McColloch.

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