Having spent the past few springs in Dallas, I’ve learned that you never know what the season will bring. One day it might be sunny and 75, the next could bring a winter storm with golf ball-sized hail. But you live, learn to check the weather app before you leave, and focus on one environment where you 100 percent can control the seasons: your home. With the best candles for spring, moods can be instantly lifted and any setting feels a little fresher—no matter where you are.

And fortunately for scent lovers, the past couple of years have seen the rise of a veritable candle renaissance. With more time at home to rearrange and re-energize your space with home decor, the it-bag or shoe gave way to a different kind of status symbol: the cult-loved candle. Unique brands like the gender-neutral Boy Smells, beautifully packaged Otherworld, and sustainably made Keap began mingling alongside the Diptyques and Cire Trudons of the world, offering more variety than ever when it comes to finding your scented soul mate.

To help you on the hunt, we’ve divided the best, spring-evoking candles into three scent categories: floral, citrus, and earthy. Explore wild lavender in Brooklyn, an eco-friendly mixture of grapefruit and yuzu, or indulge in a fresh, mossy aroma. These days, there’s a fresh spring scent for truly every style.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

The Best Floral Candles for Spring

Floral candles for spring? The following scents prove that gardenia and lavender can, indeed, be groundbreaking.

The Best Citrus Candles for Spring

Fill your space with grapefruit, bergamot, and French citrus for a zesty take on the spring season.

The Best Earthy Candles for Spring

Spring top notes don’t have to be sweet. For earthier, more gender-neutral scents, these buzzy candle brands deliver.

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