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There’s only so much we can soldier through before burnout takes over. That’s where tech executive and mother Yoky Matsuoka found herself: clambering to complete a Sisyphean list of tasks, feeling like she couldn’t make it through a day without failing in some way, trying to live up to the impossible expectation that moms are supposed to do it all.

Matsuoka, by default, runs at an intense pace. She’s a former tennis star, a Silicon Valley engineer, and a mom of four, so just learning to slow down and take time out was a step in the right direction. But she felt like self-care was a Band-Aid covering up a larger problem. What she really needed—and what she found other moms needed, too—was something taken off her plate.

Which is how Yohana was born. (Leave it to Matsuoka to cure her own burnout by founding a tech start-up.) Joining Yohana means getting access to a team of professional problem-solvers. If you delegate a household repair, they’ll find and book the handyman. If your oldest develops a sudden interest in swim team, they’ll take care of sign-up. Can’t deal with birthday gifting, haircut scheduling, brunch reservation making? No worries, it’s handled.

For Matsuoka, learning to ask for help has changed everything. She’s accepting, finally, that she doesn’t have to do it all.

What’s your longest-held wellness ritual?

Running. When I was younger, I was training to be a professional tennis player, which made exercising all the time my baseline. I have a lot of energy to burn through every day for my body to feel right. I could do that with tennis, but it takes a partner and about two hours for me to get there. But if I’m running, I can get there in 45 minutes. And a lot of days, it’s the only time I have for myself.

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How do you keep your energy up?

I’m a complete introvert, but my roles in life require me to be the one to energize other people. So every morning, I put on this energetic suit—I actually imagine it as a big bunny suit that zips up the front—and that visualization helps me to really bring it on at work and with my kids.

Wellness tool of choice?

My Fitbit. I’m into the idea of the quantified self. I’m a data geek. I’m obsessed with my resting heart rate—it feels like a long-term project. And it’s a fun contest to play with the kids: Who can take the most steps today?

A sustainable swap you swear by?

The best swap we’ve made and swear by is getting rid of plastic in our kitchen. Plastic is everywhere. It’s horrible not only for the environment but also for our bodies. We use glass containers instead.

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Favorite midday mindfulness tip?

I squeeze in ways to be in the moment. So if I’m brushing my teeth, I imagine myself talking with every tooth as I go: “Are you clean?” “Yes, I’m clean.” “Okay, next.”

To make your life a little easier, what do you let go of?

I’ve learned—the hard way—to let go of perfection. Life got so much easier when I started embracing the imperfections of motherhood, marriage, and being a CEO. It will never all be perfect, and I love that now.

Most unconventional (and impossibly loved) thing in your house?

Our pet pig, Cayenne. (All our pets are spicy—our dog is Paprika, and our bird is Wasabi.) This pig was supposed to be 40 pounds. She’s 240. But she’s so cute.

How do you start your day?

Earl Grey with oat milk.

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What’s cooking?

Right now I’m really into leafy spring greens from the farmers’ market. I couldn’t even tell you what they’re called. But those mixed in with fatty sprouts, some nuts, some cheese? It’s so delicious you don’t even need dressing.

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First task you used Yohana for?

To help plan my twin daughters’ birthday parties. There is this unspoken pressure that to be a good mom, you have to plan the birthday parties, bake the cookies, do it all. I was trying to be the good mom. And in order to throw them together, I never had the time to enjoy the moment. The parties were simple but something I never would have thought of—and the girls thought they were cool. Having help allowed me to really be present.

Secret to a good night’s sleep?

I started keeping a notepad next to my bed. There are moments in the middle of the night when I feel like my brain’s overheating with ideas or to-dos or can’t-forgets. Once those come up, I cannot fall back to sleep. And if I do fall asleep, there’s no way the next morning that I can remember what those brilliant ideas were. But if I jot those thoughts down in a notebook, I don’t have to hold on to them in my head anymore, and falling back to sleep feels really easy.

What’s on your reading list?

Books that teach you to innovate and create. And books on parenting: I just read Esther Wojcicki’s book How to Raise Successful People.

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