We’ve long pondered the ultimate culinary pursuit: cooking the perfect steak. While there are plenty of techniques and endless approaches, we’ve finally landed on a process we can trust every time a steak craving hits. So if you’re wondering how to cook steak, stay with us—the answer awaits.

Your new, beautifully-seared, juicy steak obsession comes courtesy of Blake Smith, who, along with his wife Sarah, owns and runs Walden Retreats. A luxury glamping experience an hour outside of Austin, Walden Retreats was founded to serve as a lens into a more intentional life—one that’s built on purposeful days, thoughtful conversations, and of course, beautiful meals.

Below, Blake shares his tips and tricks for how to put this recipe into action. If you’re after a steak that can serve as an elevated weeknight meal or a standout dinner party main, this is the recipe that you (and every ambitious home cook) should keep in your repertoire. Follow Blake’s guidance and prepare to indulge in the deliciousness.

“Reverse searing is an easy way to ensure a properly cooked, but not overcooked, steak. I like the NY strip cut because it’s got great flavor without too much marbling (fat) and you can have them cut very thick which provides an opportunity for a more even cook.” — Blake Smith

Below, discover how Blake has perfected the sort of steak we all crave—and get ready to grill up some magic for yourself.

Blake’s Guide For How to Cook Steak Perfectly

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